Thursday, November 4, 2010


A long time I did not use my email, I did not send e-mail to anybody. But today when I want to send email, its written my e mail was blocked for temporary because filter of spam or I used my email address before to sent larged amount of email. That's way yahoo service blocked my email for temporary. And can use after 2 hours.

Anyway I waited for 2 hours still does not work, and I should send e- mail because it is very important thing. So I used another email and tried to send but same only. I created also new account and tried again to send email, but still yahoo blocked my email. Oh my good ......
What happened with yahoo today? This is first time my email was blocked. I can received e- mail but can not send e - mail.

I just report this problem till 2-3 time ,so I hope they can removed that filter of spam because I never used my e-mail for spam or any body used my email? I don't know who is wrong. I was thinking maybe that the time yahoo got error also.

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