Thursday, May 28, 2009


Actually I dont know what happened with my blog.Today I got Page rank 2 but I am not so happy because after some time maybe will be change again.I do not believed because before I got Page rank 1 but after few weeks again PR0, now suddenly jumped to become page rank 2. Any body knows why like that?


I just want to share with all my friends who always visited my page, I just received one letter from google.Before received this letter google adsense informed me via email that they will send PIN number. I received this letter after 6 weeks. Anyway I am happy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How to Change Country in Google adsense

I have some problem in Google Adsense. I created my account from country Where i have been live since 9 years ago. But next month I will be shiffted to another country due to my work.I tried to edit My adress, but can't change . I received email I should close my account if I want to change my country,team Google adsense sent my pin number to my old adress.I got confused what I shoul do.

Any body has experienced ?

Please help me.

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