Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As we know face book is the biggest social networks today, to say the popularity of beat Hi5, Yuwie and other social networking sites. Seeing the rapid development , we can use the services of face book to boost sales of our business. By producing our products to friends who we add on face book.

Many already are trying to do business in the face book, among others, could also put an ad on facebook, the more visitors certainly the more often people see our ads and it is our opportunity, because the possibility of our products purchased bigger. I own a facebook users often add by strangers because it turns out they produce their product and it's legal.

Here are some tips

1. Personalize your profile on facebook. It's a place you introduce yourself, brand or business. Profiles should be in accordance with the services offered. Education and achievements will add to the trust of prospective clients.

2. Many friends to bring good luck. Carrier relations sustenance is not a myth. Mingle is the main requirement for marketers, including in cyberspace. Adding friends (add friend) is very necessary to add the relation.

3. Join the groups or create their own groups. There are tens of thousands of groups on facebook, but you have to choose the group that is still active and fit your needs.

4. Preparing the way of sales. That can be done through posters, videos or URL link to your sales page. It can also spread via text message or on your facebook status.


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